Top 7 Super Foods For Brain Health & Functions

Super foods for brain health are very essential .If you are experiencing brain health problems, then it is common that we listen to brain function declining with age growth and it lead to the memory loss such as thinking and remembering problems.

But if you deal with these problems then you must read this article, here are some best super foods for brain health functions.

List of 7 super foods for brain health

In this article, we explore the benefits of these 7 super foods for brain health. 
Foods For Brain Health

Are Blueberries Good For You?

Blueberries contains anti-oxidants components that are known as super foods for improving brain function. These components help to protect the brain from anxiety & stress. One study found that consuming blue berries improves brain memory and other function in old age peoples.

Salmon Fish

Salmon is a fatty type fish that contains the Omega-3 factors and fatty acid, and all these are important for improving brain functions. 

Omega-3 helps to protect your brain from many diseases, such as brain hemorrhage and short term memory loss. It also improve fight against cognitive dementia and improve brain functions. 

According to the research, one cup blueberries intake reduce the risk of heart disease. You must eat 1-5 blueberries daily to maintain your mental health.


Walnut is a good source of Omega-3, magnesium, antioxidant & vitamins, which helps to improve brain function and prevent cognitive decline depending on age. Eating walnut also prevent the risk of mental diseases such as  depression & heart diseases (heart attack).Walnut is a rich ingredient for women , it increases the flow of blood to the uterus.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is so sweet and delicious, but it is good for your brain. Dark Chocolate contains rich flavonoids and its basic aim is to fight against cancer, inflammation and chronic viruses.

Dark chocolate increases blood flow to the brain and prevents cognitive decline. 


Broccoli is also known as the green vegetable. it is a full pack of vitamins and especially contains Vitamin K, which is an important ingredient for improving brain functions and protect you from cognitive decline.

And the anti-oxidant properties keep you from mental diseases such as stress and depression.


Spinach is a natural food and has the anti-oxidant, vitamins K ingredients. This helps to cleaning the toxin from brain to prevent age-related cognitive decline.


Avocado is also a rich in fiber, fats and anti-oxidants. There are many health benefits of avocados, but these components protect your brain from stress & inflammation.

It also helps to reduce weight, increase brain function, & maintained heart health by following these secret health benefits tips.


There are many super foods that help to improve brain health. These foods also prevent the age related cognitive decline. Some of these foods include , Blueberries, salmon fish, avocado, dark chocolate & spinach. You should add these meal for improving brain function and avoid chronic diseases. You can easily improve the memory loss problem.

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