5 Fitness Exercises For Routine Life

It is a universal truth that “ Health is Wealth” When everyone is bustling in their life and has no idea about that “ How to stay fit and healthy, to make yourself fit and healthy needs to be proper eating and exercise in daily routine life.

If you want to maintain your body/figure, the following tips should be followed for making yourself fit and healthy.

Fitness Exercise

List creation for daily life

This is the first tip for creating a list for all these things which you would maintain in daily life, like watching movies, swimming, driving, cooking, etc. you should start to create a list of what tasks should be done first priority. When you do your work then everything will be easy for you, select to finish four of the work/task per day according to the list, if the work is 10-15 minutes or otherwise, it will make your health good and fit.

Fitness Exercise

Be active in daily life

Many people like to dance, going to the gym in life, if you like to dance or maintain your self going to the gym, so it is very important to include specific exercise due to which you can make yourself fit and healthy.

For instance, if you are using a lift go to your flat so avoid it, and use stairs, in this way you can walk near the market for the purchase of home commodities instead of driving your car.

Fitness Exercise

Take proper rest and sleep on time

Sleeping on time is very essential for fitness and good health, normally 8-hour sleep is necessary for everyone while if you are busy in your life you should take a rest/sleep of 5-7 hours in a whole day.

After doing a lot of work in your daily routine like spending time cooking, dancing, gym, cleaning, washing, etc you need to rest your body for maintaining physical and mental prosperity.

Use of Vitamin D daily

This step is more essential and useful for weight loss as per medical research. Vitamin “D” is also found in natural foods like the use of oily fish, red meat, liver, egg yolks, fortified foods, etc Vitamin” D” is a sunshine vitamin that helps the body to observe the calcium through rays and improve the immune system and is helpful against cancer. Therefore it is advised for everyone to set a routine to sit in the sun rays for a while to stay fit and healthy.

Intake of water daily in normal routine.

Everyone knows that water is a necessity for the body and life. It helps to keep the body hydrated and fit. Water keeps the body fit and gives energy as well as keeps the temperature normal.“According to medical research, the intake of water should be a minimum of 3.5 (liter) per day for men and women”.Intake of water daily helps in weight loss, especially if it is consumed before a meal.

By following the above steps daily and exercising to keep your body fit and healthy.

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