8 Best Exercise To Lose Weight in 30 Days

Do you want to lose weight and others waste their time on boring tasks such as the use of a mobile phone and watching TV. Regular exercise is essential to maintain mental health and physical health.

Most women are engaged in their responsibility like keeping children and house and they don’t have much time for exercise at home to lose weight because early exercise is more effective for everyone to maintain their self healthy and fit by doing Weight loss exercises.

Even if you have no time to attend the gym for exercise so you don’t worry about it, I am going to suppose the 8 fastest ways to lose weight with exercise at home and you would quickly lose weight in 30 days with the challenge.

Lose Weight

1. Pull Up To Weight Loss

Before starting every exercise you should keep yourself warm and stretch by jumping up which creates your stamina. follow the steps for exercising at home for 10 to 20 minutes at the beginning and check this course

  1. Stand in an open place and your hand will be straight at your side.
  2. Now put your hand on the upper side and prepare yourself for a pull-up.
  3. Now start jumping and after 2 to 5 pull up get back to your standing position.
  4. Repeat it as more you can do, it helps your muscle lose some calories.
  5. Now try some funny pull up to warm your body.

Lose Weight

2. Three to Seven Push-ups Daily To Lose Weight At Home

This is the most effective exercise you can easily do at home, it keeps your upper body muscle tight as well lose your belly weight, and keep your chest, and triceps tighter and fit. you should do 3 to 7 Push Up’s daily in the beginning follow the steps,

  1. Ready in plank position and keep your hand on the floor in a position where your shoulder would be outside.
  2. Don't try to go down and up slowly but don’t touch your chest with the floor and come in the factual position.
  3. Do it 5 times regularly and you will feel the strength in your chest, back, triceps, and belly.

Lose Weight

3. Bed Knee Position

If your tights, hips, and butt are fatty, then this position is very effective for you. This exercise is easy and you can do it at home. Follow these steps for exercise,

  1. Stand and keep your feet open.
  2. Raise your hand forward
  3. Back to your hips and then bend your knee and then sit like sitting on a chair.
  4. Slowly sit down and then go back to its original position.
  5. Repeat 5 to 10 times in begging on a daily basis for one month.
  6. Take a rest after doing this and then start with a fresh mode.

Lose Weight

4. Bound position exercise to avoid anxiety and depression

If you are facing depression and anxiety problems, then you should do this exercise to avoid depression and anxiety problems. In this position, your body is balanced on one leg to keep your body flexible and relaxed, follow these steps,

  1. Stand on one leg and keep the upper hold with your hand.
  2. Hold your leg and don’t move your body.
  3. Stay in this position for 5 to 10 minutes at the beginning, if you feel tired or don't balance your body for maximum time then do as you can hold.
  4. It is also called a yoga position.

Lose Weight

5. Crossword position

This position is very necessary for pregnant females and helps the nervous system. It also plays an important role in the circulation of blood as well gives you relief from back pain and fights against hypertension follow these steps.

  1. Lie on the floor straight
  2. Band your knee and raise your legs up.
  3. Now up your hips and keep your hand straight down and hold this position for a while.
  4. Hold on to the begging for 2 minutes if you can, otherwise try it with your own adjusted time.
  5. Repeat this crossword position 4 to 6 times daily.
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Lose Weight

6. Sanskrit Position is good to make your bones strong

This move is very helpful in protecting your back, making you convenient, and improving your overall health. It also helps to keep your skin from diseases. In this position, all weigh on the elbow and feet, and follow the moves for exercise

  1. Start with the pushup position down your body and touch the floor with your elbow instead of your hand and feet fingers.
  2. Keep your shoulder under your chest on the floor flat.
  3. Hold your position straight for 5 minutes, if you cannot then hold as you can.
  4. Then go back to your flat position.
  5. Repeat this for 3 to 5 minutes daily.

7. Raise your leg up in the air

This exercise helps to lose weight on the legs and belly and make your belly muscles flexible for this exercise you should follow these steps,

  1. Lie on the bed straight or floor which one is easy for you.
  2. Keep your hand under your head to hold.
  3. Now slowly keep up your legs without bending your knee.
  4. Now hold you’re this position for 10 minutes, otherwise as you can hold it and then come back to your straight body position.
  5. Repeat this exercise 3 to 5 times daily to lose your leg weight and burn fat from your belly.

Lose Weight

8. Take Long Breathing in and out.

Long breath exercise is very necessary to keep yourself from asthma diseases. To keep your blood pressure normal and boost your immune system, do the following steps for this exercise.

  1. Stand and keep your body stretched.
  2. Now start long breathing in and out.
  3. Repeat this long breathing exercise for 5 minutes and then come back to a normal position.
  4. This exercise helps to improve the efficiency of the lungs.


By following the above exercise at your home you can avoid your body from many diseases such as hypertension, and high blood pressure problems, improve your immune system, keep your body fit and slim, and avoid depression and stress.  

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